Experience the next generation of skin aesthetics with  MicroGold® Pen.

This cutting-edge microneedling device is designed to enhance skin texture, diminish acne scars, and promote a vibrant complexion.

MicroGold® Pen stands out with its adjustable 12 pin and Nano headpiece, allowing you to customize your treatment based on your skin's needs. The pen uses essence liquid to automatically penetrate the skin, providing a seamless and efficient application process.

With adjustable liquid output, MicroGold® Pen adapts to different essence consistencies. Choose from three levels of customized liquid output and control the speed gear to regulate the liquid flow. The needle cap facilitates easy liquid output adjustment.

Featuring a 3ml capacity, MicroGold® Pen is designed for complete facial care. It offers two types of needle cartridges, each targeting specific skin concerns. The 12-pin cartridge effectively removes acne, acne pits, marks, scars, and stretch marks. The Nano cartridge whitens the skin, moisturizes, tightens, shrinks pores, and fades fine lines. The Nano cartridge is also ideal for treating fine lines around the eyes, sensitive muscles, and redness.

Continuous use of MicroGold® Pen can lead to visible skin improvement, although individual results may vary. The device's microneedles create thousands of fine channels in the epidermis, allowing the essence liquid to penetrate deeply and enhance absorption by up to 90% compared to manual application. This process stimulates cell regeneration, initiates skin tissue repair, and restores vitality and elasticity to your skin.

MicroGold® Pen features an LED screen with a visual digital display. It offers six different speeds, each targeting specific skin concerns such as moisturizing, whitening, pore shrinkage, fine lines, skin spot lightening, acne scars, and stretch marks. The adjustable needle length ranges from 0 to 1.0 mm, providing versatility for various skin care needs.

MicroGold® pen also includes an intuitive low battery warning system, ensuring you have better control over working hours. When the battery capacity drops to 10%, the number of speed flashes slows down, and the pen automatically shuts off after one minute of quick speed flashes. Upon restarting after a low battery automatic shutdown, the pen displays an "L" indicator.

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