AB Servita was founded in 2003 and is based in Malmö, Sweden. In recent years, we have become increasingly specialized in equipment and products for advanced aesthetic treatments for doctors, nurses and estheticians. 

Our ambition is:
• Responsive to new methods, wishes and demands
• Good personal service
• Nice to work with

As a customer of AB Servita, we guarantee you that our products and treatments will fulfill what we promise. We put in a lot of work to constantly evaluate new products and procedures that are emerging. If we find something that is better than what we have, we change. Together with our partners, we at Servita want to provide you with all the information, demonstrations, references and clinical documentation that you need to make a good and safe and decision. 

AB Servita has achieved SYNA's highest and finest credit class, a five. To get a five, long-term and stable work is required. Behind the classification is an advanced calculation, which takes into account many economic and historical parameters. Credit class five constitutes a well-managed company.

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