About MicroGold®

MicroGold is a new ingenious product for product inclusion and functions as a delivery system of ingredients into the skin. Among the first of its kind with microchannel technology. The needles are thinner than a human hair. Designed to deliver skin care products pain-free and effectivly.

MicroGold does not use injection needles. We use microchannels on the outside of the needles. This is an great advantage over microneedling devices  with smooth needles.  MicroGold is easy to use, gentle for the customer and can be used for many different treatment applications. 

MicroGold consists of a container and a needle cartridge with 20 needles. The super thin needles are made of titanium and are coated with gold. When the needles are pressed into the skin, the container opens and the product flows down through the channals of the needles.

With MicroGold, we can efficiently and relatively painlessly deliver active ingredients into the skin and avoid many complications that may arise with the traditional techniques such as injection. MicroGold causes no bleeding or scratching of the skin and with no downtime after treatment.

What can MicroGold be used for?

• Reduce pore size with micro-Botox
• Smooth and soften the skin, fine lines and wrinkles
• Improve superficial acne scars
• Improve the results of laser treatments with micro  serum which contains growth factors
• Reduce unwanted pigmentation
• Hairloss
• Stretchmarks
• Cellulites
• Improve skin tone and texture

MicroGold is popular to use with microbotox. There are many different recipes for microbotox but normally a small amount of botox, only 15 units, hence the name microbotox. 

We only sell MicroGold. They do not contain any serum or other products such as for example botox. MicroGold is just the container and the needle housing that you see in the picture above.

For skin therapists/estetichians
MicroGold does not use any injection needles and can therefore also be used by skin therapists/estheticians to infuse serum. MicroGold does not penetrate the skin deeper than the needle depth you choose.

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